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Renewable Energy and Storage

An interesting fact.....

The solar energy which strikes the Earth in an hour and a half is enough to cover the World’s entire yearly demand for Energy. It is not infinite of course, but available for at least the coming billion years…..

VVinEx Group provides engineering, installation, Maintenance, and regular Inspections of Solar Power plants. We offer solar power plants for Industrial as well as residential installations - starting from 1,7 KWp up to 6,0 MWp. For residential solutions, battery storage modules can be also integrated. 

But this is not the entire renewable energy portfolio of VVInEx Group. We offer the following solutions for Energy Storage:

Power to X Technologies

Short-term storage Systems using Batteries. Suitable for energy storage from several hours up to some days.  

Medium-term storage Systems using Hydrogen Storage. This system is suitable for fairly large storage (up to 100MWh) for some days and weeks. 

Long-term storage Systems using Ammonia Synthesis. This system allows energy storage for a very long period of time as well as transportation with relatively low costs. Suitable for very large storage (up to GWh).  

X to Power tecnologies

Inverters in case of Battery storage

Hydrogen Cells. Developed for stored energy up to 1 MWh. Achieved efficiency of up to 50% 

Hydrogen Driven CCPP (combined cycle power plant). Suitable for larger plants with an efficiency of up to 60%. 


VVinEx Group will calculate and advise the most reasonable, and economically suitable solution.