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Vendor Inspection

Our specialists oversee all the processes of inspection and tests, establish the results of test and measurement, estimate the level of the work and eventually report vendor progress

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Vendor Expediting

Our company provides expediting services that eliminate delays and significantly reduce costs.

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QA Audits

It is necessary to carry out regular audits in order to guarantee that the entire QA system is tested, documented and independently evaluated for efficiency.

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Product Certification

Do you supply goods and equipment to CIS Countries?

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Project Management

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given criteria

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Risk Based Inspection

We support our Clients with risk-based inspection plans for static equipment to optimize their inspection and maintenance plans.

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VVInEx Air

VVInEx Air Division Provide Inspection and Aerial surveilance Services using UAVs.

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Renewable Energy and Storage

VVInEx Group developed full range solutions for Renewable Energy Generation and Storage

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