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UAV Inspections

UAVs offer a new way of inspection and optimize cost and time savings, reduce risk to personnel and increase performance and quality of the inspection. With advances in technology such as improved flight time, inspection payloads, and contact inspection, plus the reality that drones could be working autonomously and beyond visual line of sight (BvLOS), the potential applications for UAVs is growing significantly.

VVInEx Air Division operate its own fleet of drones since 2019. These are operated by our qualified and Licensed pilots, who use them to carry out close visual and thermal inspections in remote and difficult-to-reach areas including, but not limited to :

·       Wind Turbines

·       Refinery Infrastructure

·       Energy transmission infrastructure

·       Flare towers

·       Cranes

·       Drilling derricks

·       Support structures

·       Under deck/splash zone

·       Risers/caissons


UAVs are capable of producing high-definition images or thermographic data safely and efficiently without the need to shut down the plant or rely on traditional scaffolding or highly skilled rope access teams.

AI Image and Video Processing software developed by VVInEx Group allows automatic processing of gathered images and evaluate potential problematic areas.

Additionally, VVInEx Air also operates the DJL drone which is capable of detecting gas leakages from a safe distance. This allows quick detection of leakage areas on Gas Pipelines, Refinery infrastructure, and storage tanks.